Can I select and batch delete rows/

I need to delete 1000 rows – ideally I would have some kind of way to select all and delete rather than having to manually select the rows I want to delete. Surely this exists and I just can’t find it?

Hello @amandabee, you can select multiple cells by clicking the first cell in the range, and then holding down Shift while you click the last cell in the range. Then to delete these records, right-click on the selected range and choose Delete rows, here’s how :point_down: (1)

That does not really help. Like I just tried hold the shift key to select 64,000 lines on a table and it wont let me. Do I really have to do this 10-15 lines at a time?

Hello @roofboard, it’s possible to select 200 rows the most with this shortcut: (2)

I understand that it can be very annoying if you need to select 1000+ rows. Let me check if there are any other ways already available or in the pipeline.

Linking this response here for future readers.

Even manual SQL would be helpful here.