Can I send Webflow forms to Baserow with a webhook trigger

Hi there, I’m new to Baserow - discovered it on a testimonial at

Would love to use Baserow for websites I build as an alternative to Airtable. I’ve looked around the community and the website to see if I can create this webhook trigger as shown in a Youtube tutorial at 04:07:

Is something like this possible in Baserow? I think I read native automations are not available but have scrolled through a lot of content today and can’t remember!

Any help would be appreciated, I’m tagging @olgatrykush and @Peter based on the info I read in ‘Tips to get stared in Baserow’.

Hey @Rachel,

Baserow doesn’t have webhooks itself for ingesting data (that I am aware of) so the next best thing would be to point your Webflow form to a webhook from Zapier / Make / n8n then use that tool to add the data to Baserow.

Another option could be to use a Baserow form instead depending on what you wanted to do, hopefully this helps.

Thanks @joffcom, I’ll probably use a webhook from Make.

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Hello @Rachel, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

@joffcom, thank you for your help :heart_hands: That’s correct that Baserow does not currently have built-in automations. @Rachel, if you plan to use Make, here is a basic tutorial on how to connect Baserow and Make: Make // Baserow.