Can not delete date from a date field

I am trying to delete a date from a date field, but it reverts back to its previous value. Please see uploaded screen recording.

The view is sorted on this field, but Baserow behaves the same if I remove the sorting from the view.

Is this designed behaviour or am I doing it wrong?

Hello @bonordlin, it shouldn’t work like this. :face_with_monocle:

Do you use a hosted or self-hosted version?

Hi @bonordlin - just select the cell with the date (do not click thru to the edit mode) and press delete on your keyboard. This should work. I tested it in my baserow (self-hosted) just now, no problem with deleting the date.

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Thank you, that was easy!

We’ve also created an issue to fix a bug with deleting a date from the date field type using a cursor (as it shouldn’t work this way). Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @bonordlin.