Can you please send the recoring of today's below mentioed webinar?

Topic: How to democratize data access to drive productivity for high performing teams

Thanks, Deepa.
B.Providence Intl PBC.

Hello @TeamBProv, the reply was sent to all registered attendees yesterday. If you registered, you should have received it. Did you register for the webinar?

Hi Olgatrykush,

Thanks for the reply. I registered for the event. But i didn’t get the recordings yet.
My email:

Thanks, Deepa

Hello Deepa,

Hmm, that’s strange, but I don’t see you on the list of registrants. Let me check with my teammates to see what we can do in this case. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey once again @TeamBProv,

Are you sure you used this email,, for the registration for the webinar? Did you receive a confirmation email after registering?

Hi Olgatrykush,
I was invited by Paul(CEO- Bprov Intl PBC) to attend the webniar along with him. But couldn’t attend. I do not see the conformation/invitation in my inbox though.