Cannot update data : [23] [CRITICAL] WORKER TIMEOUT


My instance:



I created booking system for my company.
It was working smoothly but started to behave unstable.
Sometimes I could update row, sometimes after ~20sec data was reverted.
The issue is connected with worker timeout.
On the same table (booking_sesje) I can add or delete row.
The problem happens when I try to remove element from field klienci which is connected to table clients.
Table Clients is only 1400 rows, but each row has 50 column, a lot of calculation.

UI is showing item deleted but after 20 sec it reverts it.

The workaround I use :
If i want to remove element from clients column, then I remove whole row and recreate it with proper elements in clients column.

Hey @parhelium, it seems like you’ve made a lot of resources available for your Baserow instance. Would you be able to give us some insights in the database schema, more output logs of your server, and share server specifications, CPU load, memory usage, how many users, how many API requests you’re making etc? The more insights you can give us, the better.

But I suspect it’s related to Baserow not actually utilizing the resources it has. It the Cloudron PostgreSQL server given enough resources. Have you changed the BASEROW_AMOUNT_OF_GUNICORN_WORKERS and BASEROW_AMOUNT_OF_WORKERS environment variables? It might be worth to increase those, so that Baserow will actually use the resource available so that you can handle more requests concurrently.