Can't edit a specific column


There is a column that I can’t edit and it seems like it is locked. The column in question had a formula that I created so it would check if the date when something should be done is reached. It seems someone from my team touched it and now it has an error.

However, I can’t access the formula field to correct it and there is no arrow to access the “edit field” button.

Thank you for reading and for any answer.

Hey @Hisoka, could you please share a short video or a screenshot so we can better understand what the issue is about?

Thank you for the answer.
The problem is the first column, I can’t edit it until I filter (for only ‘formation’ tag in another column). It is the same column that has an issue in the formula in my other post.

I can’t edit the formula if I filter but not for the whole table like I usually intended it to be and I don’t know why.

Thank you again for the answer.

Hey @Hisoka, it might be a CSS issue. Can you try making the 2nd column larger? Then, you might see an “arrow” to edit the field.

Yes, it was a CSS issue in fact. I feel stupid for not realising it sooner now but thank you so much for helping me with this.

No worries at all! I found that issue quite weird too, and luckily, one of our teammates figured out it could be related to a CSS problem. :sweat_smile:

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