Can't modify self-hosted Baserow

Hi, I’ve been trying to get baserow up and running for some time now and I am able to run it as localhost. The docker container installs fine etc.

The problem comes when I try to make changes in the code. For example I’ve tried to remove the social network buttons (just to try). Once I’ve modified the code, I rebuild the services and with docker-compose up I start the containers again.

When I access http://localhost I can’t see any modifications at all.

I would like to know if I’m missing something or I’m doing anything wrong in the steps I follow since I’m starting in web development.

Thank you!

I can not help you with the code change but do you mean this part on the dashboard?

Yes. Actually I chose to modify this part of the dashboard because it would be clear to see if changes have been made and I am able to modify the code. But my final purpose is not to remove it.

Just to check @DavidPoza are you using the dev environment as described here Running the dev environment // Baserow ?

Or are you just running exactly docker-compose up. By default docker-compose up will use docker-compose.yml, which uses our pre-built images, which won’t be modified if you just change the code in the repo. Instead you should follow the article above to setup an environment that responds to local code changes.

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