Can't publish my app?


I have a self-hosted version of Baserow through Cloudron (I am on Baserow 1.24.2 with Package Version: io.baserow.cloudronapp@1.19.2) and I am trying to publish my app, without success.

I have set up the DNS for my domain as instructed by Baserow with my app subdomain CNAME pointing to my Baserow subdomain.
I’ve also created the alias on Cloudron.
I’ve tried with the DNS proxied turned on and off by Cloudflare

Unfortunately, I keep getting this error message:

"Site publishing failed
The site publishing has failed. Please try again later.”

it’s also failing to create a snapshot:

“Action not completed.
Something went wrong during the create_snapshot job execution.”

What am I missing?

Thank you for your help!

@jrmi could you please check this request?

I’m already on it :wink: