Can't select multiple linked rows in form view

Hey there. I’d like transition our team over from Airtable, but a few things are tripping me up.

At first I thought this was a bug - but when I attempt to link multiple records to a row in form view it just replaces my selection. The only way to link more than one is via grid view - which doesn’t help much. Some forms need to be filled out by volunteers and other non-baserow users.

Right now we report out and take attendance using an Airtable forms - would love to transition away from those.

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Hello @wolfe.bat! It’s indeed not possible to add multiple linked records in the form view in Baserow. But it seems to be a very useful feature, so we will discuss it with the team. I’ll keep you posted :raised_hands:

Hey @wolfe.bat, I have some updates on your request. We plan to add this feature soon: Option to 'Show field as List' in Forms (Single and Multi-Select) (#813) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab, and also to work on your request: Allow adding multiple linked records in the form view (#1255) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab. Stay tuned :raised_hands:

Great news ! :smiley: We also need the ability to be able to make multiple choices of items from a linked table in a form view, and we were surprised to find recently that what is possible in grid view is not possible in form view. form. And it is a need that we will have in many of our forms!

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Hello @Vincent! Glad to see you here :wave:

Let me check today with the team if we have any ETA for its implementation.

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