Captcha while using forms

Hi there, I would like to use baserow form view to send my clients upfront intake forms to get to know them better before a first meeting with them. My idea was to create a form view in baserow and then share the link on my website when the clients book a discovery session with me. In order to protect it from spam bots i was wondering if there is an option to connect baserow forms with captcha solution, specifically FriendlyCaptcha?

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Hello @SteBi, apologies for the late response!

Unfortunately, there is no way to add a captcha to a Baserow form view itself for now. In the future, it may be a great plugin or even a feature itself in Baserow. We will discuss it with the team internally. You will be kept in the loop :ok_hand:

We also found that Pipedream (a workflow automation tool) has the Google reCAPTCHA API Integration that can be connected with Baserow. It is not exactly the same functionality you described, but it might be worth checking the link because it seems this is some sort of way of adding a captcha and can be a good workaround for you. And here is a video with some explanations on how it works: Silence the spam on your Next.js Contact form with reCaptcha - YouTube.

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