Cast your vote on Softr + Baserow integration 🗳

We are exploring the interest of our users to integrate with Softr, one of the leading no-code application builder platforms.

Want Softr to be powered by Baserow? Tell us if this integration would be useful to you by spending 3 minutes of your time filling out this short survey: Product Research Survey - Baserow.

If you don’t know what Softr is, here is a short video for you to check :point_down:

Thank you all in advance for the help!


Hello @tobymurdock, @pratik, @bvairet — you all mentioned that you are the Soft users, so this post might be very interesting for you to check :raised_hands:

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Thanks. I have submitted the Survey

Thanks Pratik, your input is highly appreciated :blue_heart:

I’m very interested in evaluating various nocode tools, I hadn’t heard of Softr, but the ones that caught my attention are BudiBase, UIBakery. For those who have researched nocode platforms, which ones come out on top ? I think pretty much all of these can be adapted to use Baserow if you’re willing to do some wiring with the REST API, the difficult part would be integrating user accounts.

@hiram’s is one of the best no-code enthusiasts I know. In this blog post, Hiram shared what no-code tools he uses the most often. @lucw I strongly recommend you to check out this interview (my favorite about the no-code industry :blush:): How I built my Career with No Code Tools: An Interview with Indie Hacker, Hiram Núñez // Baserow.

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Thanks for the shout @olgatrykush :slight_smile:

@lucw There are some other no-code tools in my wheelhouse which you may want to explore (and which I link to in the blog post Olga provided): Stack | Bootstrapping & building in public | Hiram Núñez

Pory, for example, is probably the most similar tool to Softr in that it allows you to build a frontend by using Airtable and Notion as your backend.

But to your point, you can probably integrate Baserow into many others if you have the technical know-how.

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This would be great and would save me having to make my own tool for it :slight_smile:

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