Celery-worker doesn't startup unless I override the command

After creating a plugin for 1.11.0, the celery worker doesn’t seem to start up unless I set BASEROW_CELERY_WORKER_STARTUP_COMMAND: celery-worker in docker-compose.dev.yml. I assume there’s something wrong with the watch-py setup. I couldn’t debug exactly what was wrong with default watch-py command, but things started working for me after I made that change, though obviously i won’t get the benefit of live reloading for the celery worker.

I’ve also noticed this whilst developing plugins locally and have failed to track it down. I’ll have a deeper dive when we make our first official plugin :slight_smile:

Hi @nigel I was wondering whether you’ve had a chance to look into this, i’m doing more work on background tasks and I’d love for the live reload to work on celery workers for convenience.