Change email address or move table and token to another email and delete the first account

Plz baserow can you help me with this situation?!

Hello @Astromo, apologies for the delay with the response. Please send the request to and we’ll help you to change the email address of your account :slightly_smiling_face:

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I send the request. Thanks :heart_eyes:

I cant login to my first gmail baserow and even the new gmail…
Say no account with this email address and password why??

This happen after I send a request to bram and he send an email to me to approve the new gmail!
I send to bram the Gmail I want to change + password + 3 table in database
And he ask me to give him a screenshot from the database
But when i log in after the message I cant login to my first gmail baserow and even the new gmail!
Whats happening please.

Hello @Astromo, you need to wait for @bram’s response :pray:

Hi @Astromo, we haven’t processed your email change request yet. If you can’t access your account anymore, then it’s unrelated to your request. I’d recommend using the password forgotten feature to regain access to your account.

Dear bram
Your account in gmail cant recieve any message from the other
So i cant submit send any message to you
My new gmail
If you send a message to me I can re send an message
But maybe this is an issue in your gmail account
Your mail does not support sending messages from other people You must send a message first and then I can reply

Hi @Astromo, I’ve sent instructions to you via email separately.