Changing Single select value


Is there any way to change the single select option of a field using a formula? I have tried to find a way to use single_select type but I have no luck so far.

Hey @labdulle :wave:

Are you trying to change the single select value based on a certain condition? If so, you could accomplish this using a formula. Here’s what the table might look like:

An important thing to note here is that we had to convert the single select field singleselect1 to text (hence the field singleselect1 to text) because the IF function requires the field argument to be a text field:

Another thing that would change change the value of the field using a formula would be to do something like a concatenation of two fields. For example: Two single select fields (which, in this case, do not need to be turned into text using the totext() function):

Hi Hiram,

That explains it to perfection, thank you so much for the help! I’ll try it out alongside other single select formulas!


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Awesome, Ibraahim—glad I could help.

Here if anything else.