Checkbox to select rows

checkbox to select multi rows in web panel.
And also a “Select All” button.

Hey there @shopnameh! Great suggestion, added it to the list of discussions :raised_hands:

Hello @shopnameh, great news, we are going to implement your idea and add a checkbox to select multiple rows! Regarding the ‘select all’: from a technical point of view, it will be quite complicated to implement, and by this link, you can find a detailed explanation from our founder on why: Select all rows at once (#1250) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.

So at least add an option to delete all rows in table.

Currently I don’t see any way to clear a table’s row.

Hey @shopnameh, that’s a great suggestion, will discuss it with the team :raised_hands:

Hi @shopnameh, thanks for the ‘delete all rows’ suggestion! I’ve added it to this issue (point #7) which we’re using to keep track of copy/paste/cut improvements. We’ll hopefully have it implemented in the coming few months. :slight_smile: