Clickable Link to Table

This might be on the “To-Do” list already and I missed it, but making the entries in a “Link to table” field clickable (which would bring you to the expanded view of that row) would be incredibly useful.


I agree, that would be super useful! There is indeed already an issue on the backlog for this Allow the editing of linked row by clicking on it (#338) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab, so you can track the progress there.


backlog created 11 months ago, but still no news. much needed feature :pray:

We’ve scheduled it for milestone 1.10 and we’re going to start with that milestone next week :slight_smile:

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We need this badly too :slight_smile:
Did I miss something or it didn’t happen in the 1.1 release ?
In the backlog, the issue is open to propose that the user clicking can modify the related field (or row ?). For us, just to see (read without write) the content of the related row (the whole related row) would be an important improvement.

Hello @Vincent! We have this issue on the backlog, and yes — it’s still open. Sorry for the delay with implementation, we have so many features under development that sometimes we miss important community requests :pensive:
That will be released in version 1.10, and I promise to keep an eye on this feature.

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Hello @olgatrykush, thanks a lot for your kind answer :pray: and the good news version 1.10 is the next one ! :grinning:

We are evaluating for now the online version of but we plan to install it on our servers soon (and to become paid customers). So my coworker and I have other questions/remarks that I will ask in separate posts.

Hello @Vincent! Cool, feel free to ask any questions :raised_hands:

Hello @peeves, @Vincent, and @danila :wave:

The first part of this feature is ready and published, yay! From now on, when you click on a relationship it opens the expanded view of the linked row. Currently, it’s in a read-only state, but we plan to make it editable too.

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Wonderful! It comes at the very right time! Thanks.

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Hello Olga,

This is great to hear. Has there been any update to make the expanded view editable?

Hello @Evgekrv, unfortunately not yet. I can see that the issue is still open at Make it possible to edit values in the row edit modal of a relationship (#1117) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab. I know that this is a very important feature, and I’ll make sure to mention to the team that we keep receiving requests about it :raised_hands:

Hello @Evgekrv, we re-discussed this feature, and due to the large number of requests we received from the community, we have moved it to the top of the prioritization list. It should be released by the end of 2023 for sure. :slightly_smiling_face: