[Collaborator Field] REST API should return the user's email, too

I’m new to Baserow so to help myself learn it, I built one of my more complex workflows in it: dynamic field watchlists (e.g. allow users to “subscribe” to updates to a particular subset of fields across any table/database in the workspace).

This was pleasantly easy to do with Baserow and n8n, with one caveat: querying data with a collaborator field returns an array of objects like so:

  • user id
  • user name

when I really needed:

  • user id
  • user name
  • user email

To send out emails to people based on their watchlists, I had to separately query every user in the workspace using the https://api.baserow.io/api/workspaces/users/workspace/{workspace_id}/ endpoint, then merge that data with the columnar data returned through the regular REST api just to get the email associated with the tagged user(s).

For reference, here’s what the extra query looks like in the n8n flow. It’s a workflow that I plan on making a separate post as some may find it useful, but it could be a bit simpler if the REST api returned user emails too!

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Hello @kamille_parks, first of all, welcome to the Baserow community :wave:

Thank you for trying out and sharing your experience with Baserow. I have added an idea to make the REST API return user emails to the list of discussions. I’ll keep you posted on this.

Yes, please! We would love to learn more about your use case, and I’m sure it will be very useful for other members. Feel free to share it in the “MadeWithBaserow” category. :blush:

Hello @kamille_parks, we’ve discussed this idea and although we agree that it is very useful, there are some security concerns that bother us. We do not want to expose email addresses in publicly shared views or APIs.

We will investigate it further, and the best option would likely be to make it optional as a checkbox on the field itself.

Understood, thanks for investigating.