Collection of Baserow Content From Appsmith Community

Hey everyone, I’m Joseph from the Appsmith Developer Relations team. We’ve recently updated our community website to include landing pages to link content by tags, like baserow. So far we have 10 posts of Baserow content, including a tutorial from @frederikdc and the video we did with @bram !

We’ve also updated our community directory to help freelancers advertise their services, and make it easier for our customers to find developers from the community. If you’re looking for work, feel free to create a profile and add the Baserow tag and any other tools in your tech stack. We’re happy to support freelancers from any community of the databases and APIs used in Appsmith.

@olgatrykush please let me know if you have a different banner image or description that I should use.

Hey @joseph_appsmith, looking great! Thank you for putting all these materials together. :raised_hands:

And congrats on the AppSmith 5-year anniversary! :tada:

What are the recommended dimensions? I’ll prepare a new banner.

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Thanks @olgatrykush ! The banner is a 3:1 ratio, and the one I used from your Twitter is 1500 x 500 so that works perfect. But any 3:1 ratio will work without cropping. A taller image (more square) would work but the top and bottom will be cropped.