Color condition doesn't work

I have latest self-hosted version.
In 2 tables I see broken row coloring.

When I click add condition in color then error is thrown ( in console ).

Due to this bug I’m unable to select condition for coloring row.


Can you check the network tab of the inspector to check if an error occurs when making an API call? They should be marked in red.

I notice that your primary key (the name field) is a formula field. This can potentially cause the issue.

Have the row coloring worked before and should you know after which changes it has stopped working?


Hey @parhelium,

this known bug happens when the primary field type is incompatible with any filter type.

The bug has been fixed here: “Can’t add row color conditions if the primary field has no compatible filters” and it will be part of the next release next week.

Thank you !

I really need colors :slight_smile: Looking for the release of next version. Any ETA ?

Yes, we plan to release Baserow 1.23 next week, very likely on Wednesday.

If you need a fix immediately, one workaround could be to use a different field type as the primary field, like, for example, an Autonumber field.