Coloring rows acording to a calc formula field - doesn't work

I am trying to create a color rule based on my “Born” formula field, which looks like this:

year(now()) - field(‘CALC Born’)
… where “CALC Born” field is another formula field.
Output in my “Born” formula field is a number.

If I choose the “is” condition when creating the color rule, everything works. But I need to use the “higher than” condition and then it does not work.

Any tip how make it to work?

Hello @marcus, just to clarify, you can see the condition “higher than” in the list, but it doesn’t color the values it should?

yes, exactly

if I set it like this

then the result is this

but if I set it like this

then coloring doesn’t work

my “CALC Age” formula field is:
year(now()) - field(‘CALC Born’)

my “CALC Born” formula is:
field(‘Promoce’) - 25

my “Promoce” field is a standard number-type field

and btw. I would rather use the “Age” field for coloring (because CALC Age field sometimes contains nonsense values - because of “Promoce” field is and always will be in some cases empty), so the “Age” formula field is this:
if(is_null(field(‘Promoce’)), ‘’, year(now()) - field(‘CALC Born’))
but for this field there are no conditions like “is higher” available :frowning:

Thanks for sharing all the details, @marcus.

@davide could you please check this out?

Hey @marcus,

thanks for your feedback. I can confirm the bug. I have created an issue here: Higher than and lower than frontend filters are not working with formulas (#2289) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab and I’m going to fix it as soon as possible.

It will certainly be included in the next release.

Hey @marcus,

“Higher than and lower than frontend filters are not working with formulas” has just been merged, and it will be part of the next release as promised.

Great, thanks!
What’s the supposed next version release date?

The next release date has not been decided yet. :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, thanks, no pushing … :laughing:

hi @olgatrykush and @davide , this morning I opened my baserow and I see that row coloring by my formula field (with “higher than” condition) is working. Great and thanks for the small update 1.22.3 ! (I am running the ouroboros auto-update app in my docker, with checking interval set to daily - every night - so my baserow always up to date ) :+1:

Btw. is there anything else updated or fixed? Will you make a small announcement (post), as you usually do?

Hey @marcus, it’s a minor release and we typically don’t announce these releases, but you can find the full list of what’s new/fixed: · develop · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.