Colour picker for Single/Multiple Select options

Currently only 15 colours can be chosen for Options when using Single Select or Multiple Select fields. It would be better to have a proper colour picker like Qt or GTK that allows picking any possible colour.

I love the idea! Let me discuss the suggestion with the team to see if it’s possible/easy to implement. I will get back to you with some updates afterward :blue_heart:

Hey @Teferi! We had a short discussion on this feature with the team, and good news — we will offer a solution that will allow our users to have a much bigger range of colors to choose from. We haven’t decided yet on which color picker we will use, and whether we want to allow using any colors or to limit options so that the available colors will look nice in terms of the Baserow branding. We will define all these details, and after that, we will proceed with the development part :slightly_smiling_face:


Make sure that colors fit within WCAG guidelines of color contrast. How to Meet WCAG (Quickref Reference)