Column type: Web Link

Including links like in text fields doesn’t make them clickable.
Maybe there should be a column type that wraps its text in a html <a> tag, so that one can just click on it.

My specific use case for this is that I take some data from a Baserow table, process it (into images, multiline text etc.) and make it available on a website. If links would work - and functions could generate such link fields by string concatenation (e.g. concat("https://mydomain/object/", field('Object Name'))), people could access this additional data with one click.

Btw, your automatically generated api-docs functionality is fantastic, kudos to whoever implemented that!

May be you can create “formula” column that you’ll use to display on website?
something like this: concat('<a href="', field('My link'), '">', field('Link title'), '</a>')

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Use the button/link formula functions to do exactly this, or the existing URL field if you don’t need a custom label.

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Oooh, these work really well!

I overlooked both functionalities… Thank you both!


Two bits of feedback:

(1) It might be a good idea to rename the URL column type to “Link” or “Web Link” or something like that for non-technical users.

(2) It would be nice if one could click on links in fields without having to select the field first, and then clicking.

Hey guys,

I would like to contribute to this specific topic.

If the url is long, use TEXT or VARCHAR(2083). If this field is included in the database in the case of PostgreSQL in Baserow(backend). I’m talking about this tip in case the Baserow team implements some function of type orm (object relational mapper)