Command to check Baserow Version

I have installed Baserow docker version. Is there a command using which I can understand which version of Baserow is installed?

Thank you

There is not a command to get the Baserow version number, although I do think that’s a good idea to add. You can look at the file backend/ in the Baserow root directory and look for the line starting with VERSION = to figure out which version you have. Alternatively, you could look at the web-frontend/package.json file.

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Was it easy to install the docker version. I would like to self host it with the help of my son. The last i understood was that there had to be some work done to make the docker version to work?

Baserow is compatible with Docker 19.03+. If you want to run Baserow on a different domain, you need to tweak some environment variables. More about that can be found here Baserow Docker how to // Baserow. I would recommend using Cloudron or Heroku if you want to self host. It will be to install and maintain.

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I would like to have it on my own server in the end. My son uses Docker to manage my programs on my server and that is working fine and is easy to install.

I found this issue from 6 months ago.

I hope @nigel will be able to make the docker image work.

@Peter The docker images do work out of the box, you can simply:

git clone --branch master
cd baserow
docker-compose up

If you then want to make the docker version accessible from other machines on your network etc then you also need to specify some environment variables before doing docker-compose up, see Baserow Docker how to // Baserow
but put simply it would look something like:

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Thank you for your answer. So this is only for local use? What should be changed when you want to use it from outside your network?

@Peter By setting HOST_PUBLISH_IP= if your server is already accessible on the internet and your firewall allows connections through the chosen baserow frontend and backend ports you will be able to access it from machines outside your network. You also need to ensure the following two env variablesPUBLIC_BACKEND_URL=http://YOUR_IP_OR_DOMAIN:8000 PUBLIC_WEB_FRONTEND_URL=http://YOUR_IP_OR_DOMAIN:3000 are set to use the domain/ip that users will be accessing the server using.

However if you are going to expose Baserow over the public internet I would recommend setting up HTTPS etc. Hopefully within the next few months we will provide a docker-compose file using a traefik proxy which will help massively with this. Also we plan to provide a single all in one docker image that will work with a bit less configuration etc.

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I think i wait for that :grin: thank you for a wonderful product :+1::+1::+1: