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As an administrator of Baserow, I now have the possibility to handle permissions on specific table. However, when I comment a row, I have no way to notify a coworker that he has to change something (apart from the current UI change nearby the row number in the left)

Allowing creation of a webhook that is triggered when a comment is created, the same way there’s currently a row.created row.updated and row.deleted webhook

Hey @dynnammo,

Cool idea!

We do have an issue already to track this feature: Add webhook for new comments (#1477) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab

We might want to hold off until we introduce our workflow module, but if the demand for such a feature exists in the short term we are usually quite flexible with our feature schedule.

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Hello @dynnammo, would a notification system cover your use case? It means you could tag users and notify them this way.

If I take a step backward, my current need isn’t about a comment webhook itself, but more about a notification system, you’re right to rephrase it. I hope however that implementing such webhook isn’t too difficult, since I think it could really bring a plus to Bsr if people want to implement their own notification system with 3rd parties tools like n8n/zapier.

Notification could mean different implementation :

  • sth like a :bell: icon on the top of the dashboard of each user. When a user mention another, it changes the icon with a little bubble with the number of times he/she was notified (similar to the way we are notified on chat apps like Telegram, Signal etc.)
  • email sending : the notified user received a mail containing the link to the row on which he/she was notified, with the comment and the user that posted it

Both would satisfies my case :+1:

Side notes - Looking at airtable webhooks & notification stuff

Strangely , I find the Airtable webhooks quite scarce, there’s no sign of comments in them

They however have a strong notification system : Managing Airtable Notifications | Airtable Support like the one you are suggesting

That’s good! And many thanks for sharing your vision on the notification system implementation — that’s very helpful.

We’ll re-discuss the comment webhook request once again :raised_hands:

Hello @dynnammo, just wanted to give you a quick update on your request. Our development team is actually planning to start working on the mention system in the upcoming weeks, which means you can expect the functionality to mention collaborators to be released soon! :wink:

Here is the issue to track the progress and contribute with any additional suggestions you have: Mention collaborator in the row comments (#1467) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.

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Copy that :fire:, thanks for the update !