👀 Community digest: blog contributions, preview of the new roadmap, launch on Product Hunt, open positions!


Long time no see: it’s a busy time for Baserow! Today we’re finally here to review the most memorable events that happened to the company and community during the last weeks :point_down:

Launch on Product Hunt

We did it! This Tuesday (Nov 29) Baserow launched on Product Hunt, and got 400+ upvotes: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/baserow-2.

With such an amazing community, we are not scared to take on anything. Thank you all for showing such incredible support :rocket:

Leave us a review

Some of you (@Peter :blue_heart:) have even left us a review on Product Hunt, which is amazing as it helps more and more people discover the benefits of Baserow. Let everyone know what keeps you coming back and using Baserow, review us on Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/products/baserow/reviews.

Webinar ‘no-code + open source’

Missed the live talk “No-code & open source: the perfect match” with Baserow, n8n, and AppSmith? Get the recording and find out what @Robert1, our Territory Manager answered to these questions:

:large_blue_circle: What is the Baserow open source philosophy?
:large_blue_circle: What do customers look for in open source no-code solutions?
:large_blue_circle: Open source = technical profiles, does this conflict with the no-code?

Get the recording :point_right: https://youtu.be/bU9sLEpgfnM.

Release 1.13.1

Two weeks ago, we did a minor release to introduce some improvements and bug fixes. What is new in Baserow:
→ Hide form view fields via query parameters.
→ See the current date and weekend highlighted in the calendar/date field picker.
→ Get direct support in Enterprise.

Here is the full scoop on all new things: https://gitlab.com/bramw/baserow/-/releases/1.13.1.

New roadmap

@bram went through all the open issues on GitLab, as well as reviewed all the feature requests posted here in the forum and here we are — the first (very-very draft) version of the next Baserow roadmap is ready: https://gitlab.com/bramw/baserow/-/boards/4978302.

As you can see, the roadmap is mostly built out of your wishes and recommendations, which shows the real power of the community-first approach :muscle:

Later on, when we have a finished version, I’ll share it here with some explanations. For now, keep sharing your ideas and tell us if we forgot to add something important.

Blog contributions

Calling all the Baserow users! We want to build up a large, comprehensive, and beautifully written collection of tutorials. This is what led us to introduce this new initiative — lookout for blog contributions :writing_hand:

From now on, you can publish your posts on the Baserow blog. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Tutorials: How-to articles highlighting the extended features/possibilities of Baserow
  • Automation: How to build automated workflows and processes using Baserow webhook and API functions
  • Integrations: Share how you use Baserow integrations to manage your work or business, why you find them useful, and how others could use them to boost their impact
  • Use cases: Tell your story about your projects, how you use Baserow and actionable tips that have improved the productivity of you or your team
  • Formulas: How to work with complex calculations, sorting, and filtering using formulas
  • Table relationships: How to connect tables and link records
  • Any information about you, your company, and how you and your team use Baserow.

These posts will be featured in the community section of our website and we will credit the author who produced the content. There is no limit to the amount of articles that you can write.

Check all the details: https://baserow.io/blog/how-to-contribute-to-the-baserow-blog.

Useful resources

Here is the wrap-up for all tutorials and other useful resources that were recently published:
:zap: How to Model your Baserow Data: https://baserow.io/blog/how-to-model-your-baserow-data.
:zap: 5 no-code trends to watch out for in 2023!: https://m.digitalisationworld.com/blogs/57139/no-code-2023-trends.
:zap: [Spanish] Integration between Baserow and FlutterFlow: https://www.nocodelatam.codes/nocodeblog/integracion-entre-baserow-y-flutterflow.
:zap: Christmas card generator series / Part 4: upload image to Baserow: https://youtu.be/21Js1lg4yVI.
:zap: [French] The morning of Ops: Monitoring and discovery of Baserow.io: https://youtu.be/joUPL4USmcc.
:zap: [Portuguese] How to Register Data in the Best Way in Baserow [CRUD - CREATE]: https://youtu.be/WYfNgVr3_ok.
:zap: [Portuguese] List Baserow Data - Auto ID [ CRUD - READ]: https://youtu.be/gUQt6BPEp6w.
:zap: How to Update Any Baserow Information - CRUD: https://youtu.be/aKY2qH77jIQ.
:zap: [Portuguese] AppGyver Integrated with Baserow API: https://youtu.be/NkYIPaYpcFU.
:zap: [Portuguese] SEARCH BOX - STOCK APP WITH KODULAR AND BASEROW: https://youtu.be/Pkta-dUPFUQ.
:zap: [Portuguese] CREATING GRIDVIEW - STOCK APP IN KODULAR (BASEROW): https://youtu.be/kNqgT5_PqQ8.

Reminder! You can always auto-translate a blog post or turn on automated subtitles while watching a video on YouTube :relieved:

Baserow is hiring!

We have 7 open positions, check them all out! If you are a good fit for any of the positions, feel free to apply. And if you know someone who may be interested in one of the openings, make a recommendation :pray:

Developer Advocate
DevOps Engineer
Product Marketing Manager
Territory Account Manager United States
Territory Account Manager Germany
Senior Full Stack Developer
Front-end Developer

That’s it! Now tell me, do you already have a holiday mood? And what temperature is it in your city/country? I’m currently in Poland and it’s so chilly here :cold_face:


Greetings from Chicago—very cold here as well :cold_face::weary:

Time to add a new emoji to the reactions :grin: :snowflake: