Concatenating field

I’m trying to use a formula to concatenate a field (link to the table, which is itself a concatenated field) with some other field.
When I use a formula field('Isolate') I get the value of the field Isolate. But when I try to concatenate, like concat(field('Isolate'), "_") I get "[{""id"": 80, ""value"": ""PA056_230324-2""}]_" whereas I would like to get PA056_230324-2 concatenated with _. The field Isolate is a link to another table and it is a concatenation of three other fields (sample- PA065 in that case, date - 230324, and number - 1).

How could I resolve this?

Technical Help Questionnaire

Have you read and followed the instructions at: *READ ME FIRST* Technical Help FAQs - #2 by nigel ?

Answer: yes

Hi Tomasz,

This can sometimes occurs when working with formulas combined with linked to table fields. Baserow has a totext() function that can solves this because you convert the object to a string.

Another solution is using lookup fields instead of directly refering to the link to table field

Hi Frederik,
thanks for the answer but actually totext(field('Isolate')) returns "[{""id"": 11, ""value"": ""PA011_220713-2""}]" whereas field('Isolate') returns PA011_220713-2.

Going around and trying to concatenate the value from lookup field also returns a dictionary. Maybe there is a way to refer to a specific field of the returned dictionary? I couldn’t find a way to do so.

Can you share the structure of the involved tables so that I can simulate the problem?