Conditional Redirect to URL

  1. Name
    Conditional Redirect to URL

  2. Description
    When a user completes the form upon submission, they will be redirected to a different URL based on the conditions of the form fields defined.

  3. Why
    I want to create one main form and redirect people to a different URL upon submission. In addition, this would be a great combination to use with n8n and webhooks.

  4. Examples
    From the main form, users could be redirected to, for example a:

  • Thank you
  • Donation
  • Invitation to a forum for sign-up
  • A specific part of the site

Thank you to the Baserow team for all of your work. I’ve been using Baserow for a few months, and I plan to continue doing so, and I’m excited about the 1.11 release.


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This is cool and useful idea!


Hey-hey @alexasoto! I have briefly discussed the request with our founder Bram, and I can confirm that we plan to build this feature, but not in the nearest months. The idea is pretty cool, but from the technical point of view, it’s a lot of work to be done :sweat_smile:

I will keep you posted! And thanks for your kind words about Baserow, we appreciate it a lot :blue_heart:

Hello @alexasoto! We have great news for you, redirect to URL (when the form is submitted) is implemented :tada: