Connect with Jira - Add Data Connection

I would like to create a Data Connection between Jira and Baserow.
Any idea what I should be using for URL ( REST API URL ) field ?

Hi @jerome.quek, I think you need to pick a specific endpoint (Baserow API spec) based on what information you will want to fetch. So e.g. to retrieve rows from a database table (Baserow API spec) the URL would be{table_id}/. Replace the with your address if you are self-hosting.

Thanks !!, but other that this URL >, any other URL I tried give me “Authentication failed” message … :roll_eyes:

What endpoint do you want to use and what authentication token do you currently pass?

I was trying out the endpoint you gave as example.
I used the API Token in SETTINGS.

@jerome.quek How exactly are you configuring Jira to use that token? You need to make sure that Jira is sending the HTTP Header Authorization with a value exactly being Token YOUR_API_TOKEN.

In Jira, below is the only interface for the connection :
Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 14.29.57

What value do you insert there? The token itself needs to be prefixed with the word Token and a space like this Token XXXXX.

Maybe it’s me just now familiar with all these … I tried as you suggested, still not successful

Edit: Do you get any error message from this connector?

Also, what are the other options in the “Authentication” dropdown?