Connecting with Softr

I just learned about Baserow. a great tool and a great vision!

I’d be eager to switch over to you. My Softr app has an Airtable backend. I’d love to switch you Baserow as soon as that connection works (and I know that Softr is looking to work with more data layers).

Congrats & good luck!


Hello @tobymurdock and welcome to the Baserow community!

Many thanks, Toby, that means we’re on the right way :muscle:

We also want Soft to start supporting Baserow, hopefully, that will happen one day. We’ve already reached out to them, but need their input to proceed.

P.S. You can also mention this point in their community: the more requests they have, the faster we can get the integration ready :blush:

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yes i’ve already brought it up to their product mgr


I had a pretty extensive conversation with Artur from Softr early last year (March 2021) about supporting Baserow as well, so it has certainly popped up on their radar a few times. :slight_smile:


Glad to hear that @HiramFromTheChi! I would love to be introduced to Arthur to discuss a Softr Baserow integration.

You got it @bram, I’ll make that intro! :handshake:

@bram i feel that Softr customers could be a great segment for you guys to really develop your customer base.