Connection with WooCommerce

Hello guys,
I am not a tech guy but I have a question.

I have a WooCommerce shop. Currently, the products in it are updated via the standard import/export csv file function of WooCommerce and this task has been doing my mother (65 years old). She is used to the work with tables and Excel in particular but she finds the import/export very tedious and slow.

So, my question is: Can I connect my products database in WooCommerce to Baserow and update the product data (prices, discounts, availability) directly from Baserow and these chages to reflect in the store in real time?

HI @rocka374 I think the short answers is yes! and no. :slight_smile: Baserow can use webhooks to tell another software to do something when you are ready, which means you can integrate it into (almost) any other software, but you’ll likely have to use Zapier or Integromat to do it. Example might be, when you change a row in base row, send a webhook to zapier with what’s changed and then pass that info to Woo commerce to update it. It’s actually not difficult to learn how to, even though you say you aren’t a tech guy. They make it quite easy. It does take some planning out your flow however, so you need to really think about the steps you need to follow. But it’s possible to do it. It’s just not possible to do it natively in baserow at the moment. I assume you are using the hosted version of Baserow. see if you can find the webhooks documentation in the help and understand if it’s within you capabilities. Let me know if you need any more pointers in the right direction. All the best with it!

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I fully agree with the answer of @Matt. It’s not natively possible via Baserow, but you might be able to do via webhooks or perhaps even the n8n node (

Baserow is very API friendly, so if you know someone that knows how to code, then it can be done for sure.