Convert linked records into multi-select drop down


  • I have a large database with hundred of records that are linked to another table just called “tags”
  • I now think that having this relationship approach for tags is a nuisance and they should actually just be converted into a multi-select dropdown in the same table.


  • Any automated solution for this baked into Baserow at present? … I was hoping that duplicating the linked column and then converted it into a multi-select might “just work” and do it for me on the fly but no such luck

Continued best wishes to Bram and the team on an amazing job with this tool

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Hey-hey, your idea is noted! We will discuss it with the team shortly :ok_hand:

@bfranklin thank you for your active participation in the community forum and inputs, we appreciate it a lot :raised_hands:

Hello @bfranklin! I’ve checked with the development team and unfortunately, there are no solutions to convert linked records into multiple select without losing data. The good news is that we plan to introduce this functionality in the future, please use this issue on GitLab to track the progress: Convert Text to Link Row and vice versa (#1044) · Issues · Bram Wiepjes / baserow · GitLab.