Convert string to number?

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I am populating my database through an n8n workflow which is fetching data from an API. One of the fields of data is a “quantity” field and for some reason, this is set as a string from the API and to further complicate things it has mixed values such as “1x, 20x, several” as some of the values, but the vast majority are just numerical.

I need to use this field in a formula to make a calculation but obviously this cannot be done as a string. I thought maybe I could do this with a formula field with the formula regex_replace(field('quantity'), "[^0-9]", "") which works great in getting the numerical value but the output of the field is still a string.

So my question is:

Is there a way to convert a field from string to numerical?

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I think better you try convert this on N8N , or some JS code before send to Baserow.

Have you tried the tonumber formula?

Thanks! Didn’t notice this formula!