Copy/Paste Relationships to multiple rows

I love the copy/paste multiple rows feature in Baserow, however there is one limitation with it that is really annoying. That is with relationship fields. If I want to define those in Baserow and copy/paste them down a whole set of rows I can’t do that. I have to copy the first row, then down arrow>paste to the next row, down arrow>paste to the next row… one at a time. When I have 50 or 100 rows that is quite cumbersome. You should be able to copy them to as many rows at once as you need.

Yes, I could put them in my spreadsheet and copy them over with the rest of the data, but sometimes you don’t want to have to add another column to your spreadsheet, do the work there and then copy it over. If you want to keep the relational part in Baserow, it isn’t really possible with a lot of rows.

The same applies to booleans. The checkbox doesn’t copy/paste down multiple rows. In fact, I can’t even copy a number value in one row and paste it down multiples in Baserow. This really is a show-stopper.

Also, sometimes when you add a value via the picker in a relational field it displays the id instead of the label.

Again, when I double click to edit a cell value it doesn’t give me an edit cursor. It only allows me to delete the whole entered value and start over.

EDIT: I figured out that you have to triple click to edit cells. SO that’s one issue solved out of these.

Hello @omrto, first of all, welcome to the Baserow community! :wave:

Thanks for your feedback on the copy & paste functionality. I’ll make sure to discuss it with the team on how we can improve the copying of link-to-table and boolean fields.:ok_hand:

Hello @omrto, we’ve discussed your idea, and we gonna add a feature to paste single value into all cells selected: Paste single value into all cells selected (#2238) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.

Thanks for sharing! :raised_hands: