Copy view format to another view

I created a bunch of views within a table (one for each colleague), and when I have to add an additional column, I have to go into each view to adjust where the column goes. I remember in Airtable they had a feature that was “copy view format to another view” or something, and I think it would be helpful here as well! You had the option to choose what you wanted to copy to another view (filters, column order, column sizing, etc).

I realize that I could duplicate a view to get similar results, but it means I have to reset all the filters for each person again, and I’m hoping to avoid that. Thank you!

Hey @bobo, great idea! I’ve added it to the list of discussions. :ok_hand:

Agree, this one could be a great enhancement/functionality in terms of views integrity (consolidation).

Hey @bobo @marcus, we love this idea and plan to implement this feature in Baserow. Thanks for sharing it! :slightly_smiling_face: