Copying the same value into multiple cells

When filling out a table, sometimes I want to be able to paste the same value into a column of cells spanning multiple rows.

Right now, as far as I can tell, that involves an endless sequence of “Ctrl-V”, “Down-Arrow”, “Ctrl-V”, “Down-Arrow”, etc, and hoping my fingers don’t slip.

What I wish I could do is copy the source, then select the range of destination cells, and paste with a single Ctrl-V. Alternatively, something like the common spreadsheet behavior of dragging down from the corner of a cell to duplicate values would also work. (though with that, I know there’s some ambiguity as to whether you should duplicate or increment)

Of course if you don’t want this to be a default behavior, you could simply add “paste to all” as a context menu option when right-clicking on a selected range of cells.


Noted! We will discuss this feature request as well, will keep you posted :ok_hand:

I would warmly and strongly recommend to add this feature as soon as possible. I have to give the use of the database to users who don’t know how to deal with the API and are not expected to. They might need to set the same field values on multiple, not necessarily-contiguous records.
If they cannot do that makes me start thinking that we will be better off with Airtable. Which is a shame because I personally like all the other features of Baserow.

hello @franfran, it’s indeed a very important feature, and it’s on our list: Paste single value into all cells selected (#2238) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.

Fantastic Olga,
Thanks for having pointed me to the ticket. Do you have any estimation about when the feature will be on?

This year, we are going to focus more on improving the existing features and UX of Baserow. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here, you can see all the issues sorted by priority, and this one is in the top 30 (among almost 500 issues), so we should have it implemented in Baserow pretty soon.

Yes, copying into multiple rows is indeed a very wanted feature.
In my scenario I often need to multiple copy let’s say 6 or 7 fields from one row into new rows (not few, but hundreds of new rows) and then add the rest of unique data to these rows.
Right now CTRL+C/V shortcuts are my best friend :slight_smile:
For such a situation maybe duplicate row feature could be enhanced too: instead of make just one duplicate there could be the option to set a number - how many duplicates I want to create.
Just an idea…

Added to the list of discussions :ok_hand:

It would be super helpful to get even a rough estimate.
This is one of the key features my company needs to use baserow efficiently.

Soon could mean “in 6 months” or 1 week or two :slight_smile:

keep up the great work!

Hey @dev-rd, this feature will definitely be released in the next 1-3 months. Given the community’s interest, we’ve prioritized it even higher on the list. We’ll do our best to include it in the 1.24 release, which should be in about 5-6 weeks from now.

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Hey @dev-rd @marcus @franfran the feature to paste a single value into all cells selected was just released: Paste single value into all cells selected (#2238) · Issues · Baserow / baserow · GitLab :partying_face:

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Great! I can confirm that it works with many field types, even with “linked table” type :+1:

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Is there any limitation like f.e. max of 200 cells can be pasted (similar to copy limitation of 200 cells max)?

Yes, currently in Baserow, you cannot select more than 200 rows at once.

Hi, @olgatrykush
I’ll write here as this seems very much related - one of the most requested features after more tests with my team is to have the option to copy-paste values from many cells in a row into a selection of rows.

just for illustration:
currently, when one selects two (or more) cells in one row and attempt to copy-paste the same values into many rows, only the first row in the selection haves the values pasted.

and a quick question - I’ve found a few related issues on gitlab:

I assume they’re related, but it would be nice to make sure - and the obvious question - about the estimated time for adding them to Baserow :slight_smile:

Hey, I’ll check with the team about the plans for the feature you shared. :ok_hand:

We don’t share any estimations as new features and bugs pop up all the time. To help you understand the priority of all issues, the accepted ones are sorted by weight here, from highest to lowest priority:[]=accepted%20📆&first_page_size=20 . Make sure you have Weight selected here: