Crash reporting for frontend exceptions, possible to integrate with

I would like to use for crash reporting on my baserow plugin. I’ve gotten this to work successfully by maintaining a set of patches that my plugin applies onto baserow when installing: Comparing baserow-1.15.2...baserow-vocabai-patch-1.15.2 · Language-Tools/baserow-vocabai-patches · GitHub

It works well for backend, does crash reporting the way I expect.

However for the frontend, crashes don’t get reported. I suspect this could be due to the built in exception handler in the baserow frontend. Has anyone attempted to integrate on the frontend ?

I don’t mind digging into this and reporting back, I wanted to socialize in case other people are also interested.

Hi @lucw, we’re actually using Sentry on in the backend and the web-frontend. What we did was adding the @nuxtjs/sentry package to our package.json. The next step is just adding the following config to your web-frontend nuxt config:

export default {
  sentry: {
    dsn: 'YOUR_DSN',
    clientIntegrations: {
      Dedupe: {},
      ExtraErrorData: {},
      RewriteFrames: {},
      ReportingObserver: null,
      Vue: {
        attachProps: true,
        logErrors: true,

OK I ended up doing something very similar. But it seems to me the exceptions caught by this exception handler are not propagated to sentry, unless i’m misunderstanding something.

That is strange. Can you see the Sentry requests being made in the output console when an error occurs? Sometimes, an ad blocker can block requests to Sentry as well. Do you have one running?

Good call, uBlock on chrome was blocking uploads to sentry. After whitelisting, I see the crash reports. Thank !