Create a Baserow plugin for language translation with ChatGPT

Today, we are excited to share that @lucw has recently released his project, an online spreadsheet for language learning. Be sure to check it out! is built using Baserow. Luc built a plugin that introduces custom field types:

  1. Translation field, which takes a source field and translates it from one language to another, for example from English to French.
  2. ChatGPT field, which takes a prompt and one or more source fields and retrieves output from the OpenAI API.

Luc also shared his experience and tips for building a plugin in this step-by-step tutorial.

Thank you for your contribution @lucw :blue_heart: :fire:


Thank you Olga and Juliet for publishing this. I think the plug-in capability of baserow is simply amazing and I thought it deserved a full length, detailed tutorial to help newcomers to baserow. Don’t hesitate to ask any questions!