Create JWT Token on Cloudron Baserow

How do i get access over REST-Api on Cloudron Baserow to create a JWT-Token.
I use the same way as in Baserow Webversion. But the Username und Password of Cloudron-Baserow won’t work.
i use a n8n HTTP-Request to create a JWT Token.
I think, i have to change the url.
Now i use:

Hi @UweG,

Have you created your first Baserow user on the cloudron instance?

What is your cloudron Baserow URL?

Hi petrs
The Cloudron Url is:
and yes, i have created a user in baserow

Did you try getting your token at

I first tried
Deleting ‘api.’ from the url makes it perfect.
Now my n8n-Flow to create workspaces/applications/tables/fields with REST-API works.
Thank’s for your Help.

Glad it works for you!