Create new line with formular

Hey there!
Since I couldn’t find anything similar to my question I hope someone here can help me.

In my database I did an “ID creation”-form. Now I want to add the possibility to create more than one ID with the same beginning so the person creating the IDs doesn’t have to run the form x times, but could say “run x times”.

Formular for “fieldname”: concat(field(‘Bundeslaender’),‘‘,field(‘Kfz-Kennzeichen’),’’,right(concat(‘00000’, row_id()), 6))

Formular for “quantity_IDs” at the moment: if(field(‘quantity’) > 1, ‘true’, ‘false’)

It should be something like if(field(‘quantity’) > 1, add new rows with same ID beginning until reaching ‘quantity’, just add one row)

For example if I create an ID with “Bundeslaender” “BW” and “Kfz-Kennzeichen” “00S” with quantity 5 I would expect to get the IDs “BW_00S_000004”, “BW_00S_000005”, “BW_00S_000006”, “BW_00S_000007” and “BW_00S_000008”.

Thank you for your help!

Hey @rensinghoff,

unfortunately what you’re asking is not possible yet.

A form can only add one row at a time, and a formula applies an expression to each row independently but can’t span multiple rows or iterate over them.

I think we’ll be able to achieve something similar with the Application Builder we’re developing, but for now, the best option is to integrate an external workflow automation tool to handle the necessary logic.

Thank you for your reply and explanation. We’ll do some sort of work around then!