Create relation automatically

How would I show relational data automatically?


Table 1: Organizations
Fields: OrgName, FavoriteColor

Acme corp, Orange
Beta corp, Brown

Table 2: OrgNotes
Fields: OrgName, Notes, FavoriteColor (automatically pulled from “Organizations” table, based on “OrgName” in this table)

Acme corp, This is a note, Orange <----Automatically displayed based upon “Acme corp” as a lookup.
Delta corp, This is another note, NULL <----Nothing displayed based upon “Delta corp” as a lookup.
Beta corp, Another note, Brown <----Automatically displayed based upon “Beta corp” as a lookup.

This solves the need for someone clicking on the related record in another via a linked table.

Essentially it’s a join, but I cannot find the right paradigm to display things as expected. Thanks!


You can show relational data with a lookup field. For example:

You have a table Organizations with 2 fields (Name and Favourite color)
You create a second table OrganizationNotes:

The field Organization is a Link to table field that established a relation between both tables. You can now ad Lookup fields to show additional fields from the related table:

However, this will not work if you want to enter a record in OrganizationNotes for an organization that is not known in the Organizations table. A potential workaround is adding an organization with the Name “Unknown” to the Organizations table and use that one for notes that are not linked to an organization.


Thank you Frederik! I am able to link things like you mention, but not sure if we are saying the same thing. I would like the table to automatically display the related data. What I can do now when I link the tables, is I have to select the correlating relation and then yes the lookup displays the data. Is there a way to get the lookup to happen on it’s own like a SQL join would work? Appreciate your time!

You could use a webhook to trigger a workflow on an automation tool like n8n to automatically create the links each time a new row is created.

Another thing to make linking easier is copy and paste.
As you have OrgName in both tables you could just copy the cell value to the clipboard and paste it into the linked field. As long as the text matches the Name value on the linked table the link will be created

Thank you. Much appreciated.