Created By Not Populated in App Builder

I have built a portal where users will be entering data in app builder. While this works great, it does not record anything in the created by field. Users have to logon using baserows password field to enter data. Is there a way to capture who created the latest record through the portal?

@jrmi, are there any ways to capture these actions?

Hey @RobMagu
The created_by only works with Baserow accounts. You can simulate the created_by for users of the application by creating a link field between the table where you create records and the table that contains your application user accounts.

When you create your row later with an action, just use the loggued in user ID in the value for this field to associate the user who creates the record.

Does it makes sense?

Kinda. I have a table called members. It contains their email address. I am using Baserow’s password field to hold the password. In my application, users logon using email/password. I have an embedded form (iframe) that users fill out to add a data row. It works as expected, but the created by field is blank, so I have no way of knowing who entered it … There is a link field between the members table and the database level, but I am not sure how to get this users ID from the app?

Hey @RobSorry for the delay.

As you are using an embeded public view in an IFrame, the view doesn’t have access to any loggued in user info. However, you probably can use the prefill feature for the form to select the right user.

The Iframe element URL is a formula so you can use the user ID in it. You should be able then to specify an extra parameter for your view form to use the id of the currently loggued in user. You can’t use the “created_by” field in this situation so just use a regular link row field. Something like:


FYI: the created_by field save Baserow user at row creation, not application builder users. These are two separate sets of users.

How would this look. Here is the iFram URL of the form the user fills out: Password protected view // Baserow … The user logon info is stored in a table named Members and I would like to log the users last name from a field within that table called: Last Name

Something similar to what you see in my screenshot:

You need to create a data source that loads the row from the Member table (The row id should be the user Id) for the currently logged-in user, then create this IFrame URL:[Data>Members>Last name]
The last part is the Last name from the data source you’ve just created.

Does it make sense?