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In a “collapsing list” column I have entered several options that can then be selected in dedicated forms.
The issue is, I can’t add new options ; when I try to it just seems to be loading forever until it simply stops, without saving the new option.

If I try to do it again within a few minutes, it gives me an error message “Field is impossible to modify”

Describe, step by step, how to reproduce the error or problem you are encountering.

I click on “modify this field” in the adequat column then on in the “collaspe list” section I click on “add an option”, add it and then click “save” and nothing happens.

As said before, if I refresh and redo it an error pops up saying that something is already using this field (which I believe to be my previous attempt failing over and over again …)

Can you help please ?

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How many rows in total do you have in your Baserow tables?

5494 row on the 30th of May at 09:58 (GMT+2 - Paris)

Hey @Paragon, it works as expected for me, so let me ask the dev team to look into your issue.

First off, thanks a lot for the fast response.

The more I play with our Baserow the more I’m thinking the issue lies in Baserow’s calculations.
Right now I’m having trouble just deleting text from a text column ; it just won’t disappear…

We’re growing pretty rapidly so all those error pilling up are becoming critical ; is it possible to benefit from an online assistance via visio or something ? That would be super helpful since I could present the different issues at once.

Hi @Paragon, are you self-hosting Baserow. If so, can you share as much details on how you’re self-hosting, and maybe also share more about the API requests that are being made to your server?

No I’m not self-hosting. Wouldn’t even know where to start haha

Do you have formulas that are referencing this single select field? If so, can you share how those formulas are looking like?

We have several tags to qualify the event we’re creating :
one with the Type of event
one with the “physical manifestation/online manifestation”
one with the category of the event

Those 3 tags are then added together in the “Nom” column via this formula :
concat(if(and(equal(field(‘Ouvrir à l'inscription’),“Oui”),field(‘Date’)>=now()),“→”,“”),field(‘Logo’),if(equal(totext(field(‘Type’)),“Réunion”),“”,field(‘Type’)),if(isblank(field(‘Catégorie’)),“”," “+totext(field(‘Catégorie’))),if(isblank(field(‘Ville’)),”“,” “+field(‘N° département’)+”-“+field(‘Ville’)),if(equal(totext(field(‘Réunion’)),“Physique”),”“,” visio")," ")

It ends up looking like this :

But the bug is that I can’t add a new tag in the Type column. Everytime I hit “save” it turn loads forever and just ignores it in the end.

Hi @Paragon, if you add an option to your field, and there are formulas referencing that field, it will recalculate the call values of those formulas as well. If you have multiple formulas depending on other formulas, depending on that field, it can trigger a chain of multiple formulas needed to be recalculated. In some cases, this can result in a long loading time.

How long does it take if you edit the Nom field and click on the save button? This can help me give a better understanding where the formula problem lies. Are there also other formulas referencing the Nom field?

We’re working on a change that will speed this up significantly (Dont expand formulas (!2312) · Merge requests · Baserow / baserow · GitLab), and it will be included in the next release.

Thanks for the explaination. I’ve tried changing something random in the Nom column ; it takes 2 mins to stop loading and prompt “connection error” and no change is made

Good to know !

Hi @Paragon, I suspect this is then related to the currently slow computing of formulas with multiple references to other fields. A performance improvement will most likely be deployed to Around the end of next week. Meanwhile, we’ve increased the timeout to 3 minutes. That might help you for now. We’re also going to work on a way for formulas to compute async, so that the computing time can be even longer, but that might take a bit longer to compute. Apologies for the inconvenience.