Crowd-source the roadmap / new features

A few products I use (Clickup,Raindrop) have implemented Canny to allow users to quickly suggest new features and allow others to vote up those features in public. It’s very “open source” in that you really get lots of info on what people really want so I suspect it’s excellent for decision making and prioritization in this way. I realize you guys use Gitlab and track features inside issues but many users probably won’t go through the trouble of creating an account there and learning how to participate there. Because Canny is somewhat single purpose and just focusing on feature feedback and suggestions, I think it reduces friction and, thus, boosts engagement.



Hey @bfranklin! Yes, we use GitLab, but we also have a dedicated category on Discourse to collect feature ideas and put votes. So people can choose which platform suits them better to leave us feedback.

Canny looks great, I’ll definitely check it out more in detail. As we’re going to work on a new roadmap soon, we may consider centralizing a process of collecting the feature ideas from the community, and Canny can be a great tool to handle that process. Thanks for your suggestion :blush: