.CSV Imports like on AirTable --> Auto create relationship rows for columns marked as "link to table"

I have a 10 column CSV I’ve exported from Airtable with about 30,000 rows and one column contains about 1,000 keys that currently map to another table. My tests are showing me that right now Baserow won’t create these keys for me when I import this .CSV, even if I pre-configure the Baserow table to contain a column marked as “Link to table”

Question: Is there a way to automatically create these relationships at import?

It will/would be incredibly tedious to have to retype thousands of relationships. I’ve searched around for “baserow” + “realtionships” + “import” and haven’t found anything yet.

I have to finish anything posted here by telling the Baserow team how awesome a job they are doing on this exciting product AND by saying that I hope this community keeps thriving and helping the core team out by participating in this forum and building plugins!


I cannot speak for the CSV import as I am not familiar with it, but Baserow will have a native Airtable import tool in the upcoming release that is just around the corner (probably later next week).

Have a nice day!

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Hey @bfranklin,

Thanks for your kind words!

Currently, the CSV import function is a bit dumb, it imports everything as a text field. After the import, you need to convert the fields manually to the right field type. Unfortunately, it’s not yet possible to convert a text field to a link to table field, or at least not without losing your data. This is something that’s going to change in the near future.

You could use the REST API to import these relations, but you need some technical knowledge in order to do so. Alternatively, as @petrs described, you could wait for our release week and use the Airtable migration tool to import your data.

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Awesome. Yeah, using the Airtable will be great – can then just piggyback off Airtable .csv import functionality in the future and then use your new importer if I want to move them to Baserow.