Currency field conversion Issue when importing airtable

After importing a database from Airtable, Currency fields are converted to Number fields lacking decimal places. After adding decimal places to the Baserow field, values after the decimal place are lost.
For example, an Airtable currency field of $1,323.25. After importing to Baserow, the Number field value is 1323. Then after adding decimal places, 1323.00.
Is there a setting in Baserow to maintain decimal precision when converting from Airtable’s Currency field to Baserow’s Number field?
If not, is there a suggested workaround other than manually copy/pasting?

I ran into the same issue. I ended up writing some JavaScript to re-import my currency fields using the API. It worked, but was a lot more effort. :crossed_fingers: the importer can be improved.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll probably convert them manually since it will take 2-4 hours to change rather than many more hours to self-host + write code.

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I don’t self-host, the API works with the hosted version. It did take some time to write the code, though, so depending on the size of your data manual might be the way to go. I did part of mine manually and got fed up enough that the coding was worth it.

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