Custom Airtable importer

Recently me and the rest of the developers here at Ferguson Digital have decided we’re going to make the switch from Airtable to Baserow, and that we will migrate all our clients’ data which is currently in Airtable into Baserow.

I’ve been working on a lot of tools to make the migration process easier and to make Baserow work for us and our clients, and I thought I would share this one in case anyone else might find it helpful:

It’s an Airtable importer that works a bit differently from the built-in Airtable import feature. We’re taking this migration process as an opportunity to clean up and re-organize all of our data, so just directly importing everything as-is would leave us with the same messy data structure we had in Airtable. I created this script to allow for a more hands-on approach – I can create a new, better data structure in Baserow, and then configure exactly how the data gets put into it from Airtable.

Thanks for sharing @Jamac! I didn’t know the pyairtable library existed.

Hey @Jamac, fabulous script! This will be a great help for some users — thanks for sharing it here :heart_hands: