Custom favicon needed

Hey @bram

Apps generated in baserow are being saved as icon on mobile.
Currently there is only Baserow icon.
My clients need to have their own logo on mobile phone.
I need to change favicon of the app to custom one.

Is it possible ?
That could be good feature for premium users.


Hi @parhelium, are you looking for a custom favicon for the Baserow web-frontend, or in a published application? If it’s the last, then that’s already in progress here: Draft: Upload Favicon for an Application v2 (!2205) · Merge requests · Baserow / baserow · GitLab.

@bram favicon for published apps. Great is coming soon !

What is ETA for release ?

This feature is currently in progress. We aim to include it in the 1.24 release, scheduled for the beginning of April. If not, it will certainly be published in the 1.25 release.