Dark mode for application builder

I’ve been using Baserow for a couple weeks now and so far have been really enjoying how easy and well everything works. However, one thing I’d love to see is more control over page presentation vis-a-vie background and theming within the app builder. It would be nice to be able to have customizable themes via adjustable color palettes and css defaults, but even just having a dark/light mode would be big quality of life improvement for creating certain kinds of apps.

Just throwing my two cents out there, Baserow is quickly becoming one of my favorite self-hosted services and just want to see it continue to get better!

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Hello @amoyer, thank you so much for your kind words, we truly appreciate them! :smiling_face:

Have you checked out the theme settings?

Currently, it’s not possible to set up a background color. I agree that implementing a dark/light mode would be a good first step. More styling options are the next big step in the roadmap, but I’ll check with the team about the plans for a background color in particular. I’ll get back to you on this. :raised_hands:

We are currently working on the theme feature. We had just a first limited version but we want to allow to customize almost everything in the website. The page background, the colors of everything (font/background/border), the borders, …

At some point it would be possible to choose a predefined theme among a collection of existing ones but probably not in the first version.

Regarding the dark mode, we could imagine defining a switch to change the theme on the fly or something like that. Anyway it’s a good idea.