Data Analysis on baserow data

Dear all,
I want to do a lot of analysis on the data in baserow. please suggest me the easiest and fastest way. I can write python or node code. I need to get this quickly.

As a last resort, after trying a lot, I am now giving google sheets a try to import this data and analyze it within that. I really like baserow and I want to work with you guys but I need your support.


I tink this depends on what you want to achieve. You can accomplish the basic analysis like standard deviation, average and variance with formulas in Baserow.

If you want more in depth data analysis, I can recommend the open source platform Appsmith that allows to connect to the Baserow API and allows to write custom JavaScript.

Another recommendation is Retool. This platform also supports writing custom Python.

Appsmith seemed to work for now. I got things working a bit in appsmith.

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ok, I think @joseph_appsmith will be happy to help you if you need any assistance with Appsmith