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  • When will mongodb be supported in the production storage tier?

Hi @nssliu and welcome to the Baserow community!

Baserow is heavily based around the transactional guarantees and other features provided by a traditional relational database, being implemented using Django ORM. Because of that, the support of MongoDb in the future is highly unlikely.

Do you have any particular reason why do you want to use MongoDb?

Thank you for your reply. As far as I know, after 50,000 pieces of data in AirTable, if there are too many associations and views in the table, the system speed will be slow and the user experience will be bad. So I’m worried that we’re also going to have bottlenecks with relational databases. So ask if you have any ideas on non-relational types.
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Baserow takes performance seriously and it is a consideration that we have for any new feature. By self-hosting a Baserow instance, you can use a dedicated (your own) database server which can be very powerful today.

NoSQL databases like MongoDb are not faster in general. They have some faster operations but also performance and feature tradeoffs for retrieving and updating data, especially when relationships or transactions are involved.

All in all, relational databases can be used like NoSQL databases in the end. So when performance is an issue, data can be kept without relationships, retrieved the same way as in NoSQL dbs and processed outside of Baserow if necessary. Unless you are working with write-heavy workloads like real-time website analytics data or running complex analytical queries over huge datasets, you shouldn’t encounter any performance problems.

Also, the perceived performance doesn’t rely only on the underlying database itself. Client-side performance, aka how speedy the application is in your web browser, affects the experience as well, and here at Baserow we try hard to make working with large amounts of data in the browser performant.